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How To Join Great Autos


We invite you to apply for membership in Great Autos today! Start right here and complete your application online. You may pay membership dues using PayPal, credit card, debit card or direct debit.

We offer one standard class of Membership. Members can register for our monthly clubwide events (most of which are for members only) and will also receive our award-winning Solenoid newsletter as a full-color PDF file. Members also have access to our Membership Database, where they can look up information about fellow members and their collection of cars. Information from our database is strictly for member non-commercial use and is not sold to third parties.


Members must be approved by the Great Autos Board of Directors. You need not have a classic car (or even a car) to join and be approved.

You may attend our local area cruise events without becoming a member of Great Autos. This gives you a chance to meet our members and see how much fun the club is.


Applying for Membership

Here is the online membership procedure:                                                

  1. Click the Start My Membership button on this page.

  2. Go through the Sign Up screens, where you will provide application information about yourself (and optionally a secondary member, such as a spouse or partner) and select your preferred User Name and password.

  3. You will be informed of your total amount in annual dues and then submit your application.

The membership process is online only, as are most event registrations. If you are digitally challenged or if you just need assistance, please contact:

  • Membership/Registration Questions - Membership Coordinator Stu Suede (626-475-2951)
  • Website General & Technical Questions - Webmaster Keith Jefferies (818-445-0954)

Start My Membership     


Account Activation & Payment


Our Membership Coordinator will review and activate your account, typically within 48 hours. At this time, you will receive an email letting you know of the activation and you must pay your dues at that time. While you are not officially a member until the Board of Directors reviews your application and approves it at their monthly meeting, you will be given access to the member features of the website upon payment,


Great Autos uses electronic payments for dues and pre-registered events. We use PayPal for processing credit card and debit payments. And for events where you pay at the door, we use PayPal and Venmo. All payments can be done on your computer, tablet or smartphone.


After activation, you are fully able to register for members-only clubwide events and receive the electronic Solenoid newsletter, and you may continue to attend local cruise events. You will also have full access to the Membership Database. 

Important step - At this stage, you should enter your cars into the Car Collection. This includes any car, truck, bus or other vehicle you'd like to mention and show off! And not only cars in the "highly collectible" category, but daily drivers and works-in-progress are welcome. For each car (no limit), you may attach a photo or even a photo album. This step is critical so that your new fellow members can see what you have.

After You Become a Member

We urge you to get active immediately in the club by attending monthly events, local Cruise Nights, or any other event we have going on. Most events are free or of nominal cost and can fit into your busy schedule. And the monthly clubwide events that cost a little more? Well, these may be some of the most memorable events you will have experienced in a lifetime! You will receive notice of these events several months in advance so that you can plan for them.